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The ultra-sleek Sony XEL-1 delivers an incredible viewing experience. Indulge your eyes with super-high contrast, true-to-life colour and detailed clarity. The XEL-1 has an 11" screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution and a 50hz frame rate.

Using OLED technology, it is capable of emitting light without using any kind of backlight. Crisper, cleaner images are screened without any blur whether you're watching fast paced sports or all-action Hollywood blockbusters.

It’s just 3mm thick at its slimmest point and there’s no loss in viewing quality from any angle. You can even tilt the screen so you can relax, sit back and watch your favourite movie in whatever position you please.

The XEL-1 features 2 HDMI inputs making it simple to connect to high definition sources such as Blu-ray players and HD consoles. You can also use the screen to view your digital photographs with the USB Photo viewer.

The integrated digital tuner allows you to access all free to air digital channels. Includes built-in stand.