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So you've just gone out and bought a brand new OLED TV with High Definition capabilities, but why not make the most of the fantastic picture an OLED TV can produce by getting connected to one of the HD TV Service Providers in the UK. There are currently three main services available from Sky, Virgin Media and Freesat, but which one should you choose? Lets take a look at the choices available:


With Sky+HD you can experience television like never before with up to 5 times more picture detail, incredibly vibrant colours and superb quality sound. Sky now has access to 34 HD Channels, giving them the largest range of channels in the UK.

Sky+HD is currently available from £27.25 a month! Additionally, If you want to enjoy all of the latest sporting events in HD, this is avilable for £45.25 a month. Currently the box and set up costs £79 for the basic package, or £49 if you choose the sports pack! Both deals give you a £25 Marks and Spencers voucher!

Virgin Media V+HD

Virgin subscribers can get HDTV by getting the V+ Box. Virgin currently offer only a small amount of HD channels including Living, FX, MTV, National Geographic, ESPN and Channel 4. There is a £75 setup fee plus a small monthly payment of £5. It comes free with the TV XL and VIP packages.


Freesat is a free satellite based service which provides over 140 digital TV and radio channels. Freesat shows up to 70 hours worth of High Definition programmes a week. To recieve Freesat, you will need a satellite dish and a Freesat Set-Top box (Alternatively there are TVs available with Freesat built-in , but you will still need a dish!)